Why Can't I Lick my Bicycle?

The question-and-answers game

Do ants have mothers? Are scabs edible? Why can’t I lick my bicycle?

But why?

Kids = questions. And now, a source (besides your beleaguered brain) for answers!

This is a favorite writing game of mine, for its simplicity, humor, and because I, like most humans, like being magically given answers to mysteries. In honor of the last day of school in my town, and the sweet fifth grade graduation car parade they had, here is a way to have fun, and learn the answers to all your questions. Oh, and to write!

How to play:

  • Cut up a bunch of slips of paper.

  • Get two hats.

  • Give everyone an even number of slips of paper.

  • On half the slips, have them write questions. Put those slips in one hat.

  • On the other half of the slips, have them write answers. Put those slips in the other hat.

  • Take turns pulling a question from the question hat and reading it, then pulling a (probably wildly unrelated answer) from the answer hat and reading it.


Or at least some of its humorous, poetic, and absurd possibilities.