Circle stories

A classic, with a twist

For many kids, writing is just plain hard work they have no desire to do during the sweet free months of summer. I respect that. So this summer I’ll be sharing lots of writing games and other ideas that are genuinely fun ways to engage with writing and language.

Circle stories — the nitty gritty:

It’s a classic: One person begins to tell a story. After a couple of sentences, they pass the story off to the next person in the circle. That person adds another sentence or two. And on the story goes, around the circle, through many twists and totally unexpected turns.

That’s fun as it is. But here’s a variation:

At some point, maybe after everyone has had a chance to add something to the story, or when it’s at a particularly possibility-rich moment, stop passing the story and have everyone write their own ending. Then share all or some of the endings.

This game works in a small group or a huge one. It can be played at campfires, on car rides, or online over chat. Pre-literate kids can participate. So can octogenarians. Classic for a reason.

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